Collaborative List of the Best Content Marketing Research Available

Marketing professionals are always hunting for the newest and greatest research reports that can help them build their case for adopting their proposed campaigns. Trying to convince clients to spend resources on a video series, ebook or guest blogging is difficult when they’ve been accustom to hearing, “I’ll get you on the first page of Google in a month,” from all the black hat cowboys known for their fly-by-night gaming tactics. The truth is the Internet marketing industry has changed and continues to change daily. Content marketing is the strategy that works. This doesn’t mean that SEO, email and social media don’t work – they are simply part of the holistic content marketing approach that gets results without forfeiting your brand’s integrity.

New Shiny Object.

The new toy available for marketers to utilize to help promote corporate and personal brands online is Listly. Who doesn’t love lists?

A.D.D. Moment:

Readers love lists. When writing headlines, consider using “Top 10 List” to grab a significant increase in CTR, page views and social sharing. It’s science – do the research.

Anyways, the geniuses at know the popularity of lists and have harnessed the power of lists in their new web app and social network. I highly recommend using this platform as part of your personal brand thought leadership strategy. It allows you to contribute to lists similar to how Quora allows you to answer questions for authority building. You can create an original list and embed it on your blog for content curation and social sharing is a click away.

The Best Content Marketing Research Available.

The Content Marketing Institute put this tool and strategy into practice recently when they created a list and repurposed it on their blog. The list continues to climb exponentially in views and I am willing to bet will be the source of significant increase in reaching the network’s critical mass for business growth.

Here is a list of Content Marketing Research worth bookmarking and sharing with your clients:

Content Marketing Research

View more lists from CMIContent
What do you think about this new shiny toy? Will you use it as part of your personal branding efforts? Have you already joined Listly and started creating lists? If so, leave a link in your comment for me to check out. 
UPDATE: I had the chance to create my first list on! What an incredible experience. Clicking through a few list on this platform it was easy to see the power and value it holds in developing your personal brand online. But sometimes applications that seem to offer content marketing strategies for personal brands don’t deliver in the usability department. did not disappoint. In under 7 minutes I was able to register, create my first list, develop a publisher key, download the WordPress plugin, embed my list, and share it on my social profiles. If you are looking for one thing to do to develop your personal brand online, register for and start building your authority!

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8 thoughts on “Collaborative List of the Best Content Marketing Research Available

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks so much for sharing the list. We really hope it will be a helpful source for content marketers who need research for planning/justification. If you know of any other research, we’d love to add it. And, head nod to Nick Kellet from has made it very easy for us to build our first list.

    • Michele, Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! You made my day. Your work is remarkable and I admire what you and the CMI team are doing for the Internet marketing industry at large. Your content makes me a better content marketer! Thank you for all that you do. …I absolutely LOVE What an incredible tool for brands to use and people to connect.

  2. Thanks for reviewing Listly and CMI’s strategy. Much appreciated.

    I loved your take on lists. Next step is to make your own and ask your audience for help 🙂

    • Nick, thanks for reaching out to me earlier today. Your grassroots content marketing strategies and public relations efforts are working! You certainly have a raving fan in me. I took your advice and created my first list on and wrote the above update regarding my remarkable experience. Thank you for bringing this platform to the world. You are making a positive impact via valuable technology.

      • Thanks. That means so much. It’s great to get that feedback. Sometimes it takes a lot sometimes a little. It’s great to see the momentum of Listly building. All the hard work is paying off:)

  3. Hey Ryan, I absolutely love what you’ve done here to illustrate the value of for content curation. The timing is perfect, considering Google is about about shutter it’s feed reader and book mark services are losing ground in general.

    The fact that you’ve chosen content marketing as the topic makes it even more relevant. It looks like a great list.


    • Thanks for the feedback Rich! If I understand your syndication concerns correctly, I too was left searching for a solution once Google Reader was shut down. I found an even better solution for a feed reader a few months ago that works great. It’s called Feedly. You can sign up for free here: Highly recommend it.