Branding Lessons From Duck Dynasty

Much has been said about Duck Dynasty lately and I contend there is a much deeper reason than what patriarch, Phil Robertson proclaimed to GQ Magazine. The reason there was a 2+ week long mainstream media hullabaloo over Phil’s remarks is because he and his family have strong, authentic personal brands.

phil robertson

They know who they are and what they believe and they exude that brand in every facet of their lives. The Duck Commander company was established using the same fundamental purpose, vision, principles, values and passions which led to the creation of the reality TV show that broadcasts this same brand.

Personal branding pioneer, William Arruda, said in his recent Forbes column:

Strong brands often repel as many people as they attract. Think Steve Jobs, Christiane Amanpour, Donald Trump, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Maher. Branding is not about pleasing all the people all the time. It’s about taking a stand, well aware that not everyone will agree with you. All brand masters have a point of view and are willing to own it and share it. I’m not suggesting you be disagreeable or contrary for the sake of it, but I am recommending that you have a position you believe in and express it openly.

I think it is safe to add Phil Robertson to that list of strong brands. He has certainly repelled many people but he has attracted even more. Here is a segment of a podcast of mine in which I use the A&E Duck Dynasty controversy to describe the difference between branding and a business’ values.

Let me know what you think – what role does a company’s values play in your purchasing decisions? Do you tend to put your money where your heart is and support the brands that share your personal values?


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