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Recently, I had the incredible honor of being the featured author on the topic of servant leadership for the Lead Like Jesus blog. Lead Like Jesus was co-founded by Ken Blanchard and teaches people through workshops, materials, online systems, and events to lead like Jesus. The most profound life-changing workshop I have ever attended was the Lead Like Jesus Encounter where I became a facilitator of the program. If nothing else, I highly recommend reading the book – you will never be the same.

Lead Like Jesus Blog Servant Leadership Ryan Mickley

After becoming a LLJ facilitator, I was asked to write blog posts to help the organization’s social media efforts. In October of 2013, I was blessed to serve as the featured author on the topic of servant leadership for the blog, which hosts a readership of over a million unique monthly visitors from around the world. Here are the posts that were published in October. Let me know which one you enjoy the most.

Real Leaders Sacrifice Their Number

Don’t Eat That Frog Just Yet!

Finding The Lost Generation (Part 1)

Finding The Lost Generation (Part 2)

Who Are You Really Following?

8 Attributes Of A Servant Leader

Show Me Your App & I’ll Show You Your Future

Ability vs. Availability


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