Conversation with Mike Kublin, President & CEO of PeopleTek

Leadership doesn’t have age requirements. Leadership isn’t a right, it is a privilege. Leadership isn’t a position, its a journey. As a young professional, you can and should seek leadership roles in your community, college, and workplace. You don’t need to know everything or have experienced everything to lead. You only need to know and have experienced more than those you are leading.

Ryan Mickley Interviews Mike Kublin of PeopleTek

In October of 2013, I had the honor of discussing leadership, career management and professional development with Mike Kublin, President & CEO of PeopleTek Coaching. PeopleTek offers a group workshop called “The Leadership Journey Workshop”, which I highly recommend for young professionals. The workshop is designed to increase productivity and accountability while revealing individual leadership styles and strengths. My favorite endorsement of the PeopleTek Leadership Journey Workshop was from an IBM manager who said,

This is what I should have taken years ago when I started my career in a leadership position.

That’s exactly what I’d like you to consider as you begin your career journey – consider pursuing as many leadership development opportunities at an early age. The time you invest in leadership development now will pay off 10-fold in the future.

Key Takeaway

“A person’s strength, if overused, becomes their Achilles heel.” – Michael Kublin

Special Announcements

1. DeVry University Portfolio Week – Digital Branding Keynote 

This year, I was honored to be one of the guest speakers and industry experts for DeVry’s Portfolio Week. I presented on the topic of Digital Branding and discussed how to develop an effective online portfolio. You can find the presentation along with a short clip of me speaking and a few pictures from the event here.

2. Reach Personal Branding Interview with Jason Sadler – April 17

Our distinguished guest for the April 2014 interview is Jason SurfrApp, formerly Jason HeadsetsDotCom & Jason Sadler. Jason began his entrepreneurial career by wearing t-shirts for a living. If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, he revolutionized marketing and advertising by selling his last name…not once but twice! In our April interview at 12:00 p.m. EST, William Arruda will talk with Jason about his book Creativity For Sale, which you can preorder starting May 15, 2014. Register for the event at:

3. Featured Blogger for Lead Like Jesus – April 2014

Last October, I had the pleasure of writing for the Lead Like Jesus blog on the topic of servant leadership. Back by popular demand, they have asked me to write again this April! Don’t miss a single post, subscribe to the Lead Like Jesus blog today!

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