Inspect What You Expect

What if Jesus never came back? What if He died, rose from the dead and went straight to the right hand of God instead of stopping by the upper room, walking to Emmaus or shoving Thomas’ fingers into His nail scarred resurrected body? If Jesus never followed up with His disciples we would never have received the Great Commission! 

As leaders, we must inspect what we expect from those we lead. 

  • If we expect our team to volunteer in the community five hours a month, but never follow up to make sure they are actually volunteering, that commission will likely not be met. 
  • If we expect our team to treat our customers with respect but never read or listen to customer reviews, that commission will likely not be met. 
  • If we expect our students to complete the daily homework assignments but never collect homework during class, that commission will likely not be met. 
  • If we expect our children to be home before 10:00 p.m. but fall asleep at 9:30 p.m., that commission will likely not be met. 

Jesus taught his disciples the secrets of the Kingdom of God and followed up with them immediately to make sure they were meeting His expectations. After conquering death through His glorious resurrection, you might think Jesus would race to His throne in Heaven as quickly as possible. Not so. He knew how important it was to inspect what He expected from His disciples. So he stopped by the upper room, walked the road to Emmaus with His followers, and proved His resurrection to doubting Thomas.

How much more should we be prepared for the return of Christ as recipients of the Great Commission? Truly I say to you, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, He is already inspecting what He expects from the Church. 

By following up with those we lead we ensure the integrity of our effectiveness as leaders.