Servant Leaders Don’t Stay Down, They Get Back Up

Servant leadership is a complete paradigm shift from worldly leadership. In a fallen world, leadership is motivated by self-preservation and scarcity. Worldly leaders are self-confident, ambitious, and independent. They are empowered by their personality and create their own modus operandi in which they win at the expense of others.  Not so with servant leaders.  Servant leaders […]

The Process of Starting Your Ministry

New York Times best-selling author, Paul J. Meyer, declared, “Your work is your ministry.” I agree with Mr. Meyer to some extent but I believe his declaration doesn’t go far enough. I believe your life is your ministry. Every facet of your life, whether you are at home, work, or play, should be dedicated to […]

Leadership Starts With The Family

The quickest way for an organization to fail is for its leader to have an unstable home. Home life, family life, is the foundation for professional success. How a person conducts himself in private will determine his fate in public. My grandmother once told me, “A man’s character is judged not by what he does […]

Jesus Never Took Personal Responsibility for His Mistakes

… Because He never made any! But as fallible leaders, we will make mistakes and, when we do, we need to take personal responsibility for these mistakes. Owning our errors is the best way to build long-term trust with those we intend to lead. We may experience momentary setbacks, but in the long run, people […]

Don’t Eat That Frog Just Yet!

There’s an old saying that goes, “If the first thing you do when you wake up each morning is eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day.” Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, applies this saying to productivity practices. He claims that if we complete the most difficult task […]

Show Me Your Apps & I’ll Show You Your Future

A few years ago, my parents gave me an iPad as a Christmas gift. The possibilities were endless. I could read books, watch videos, create power points, research, increase work productivity and traffic emails. Yet, I spent the majority of my time using the iPad to play Angry Birds.  What a waste.  That iPad had far more potential and […]

Real Leaders Sacrifice Their Number

The University of Michigan kicked off the 2013 football season with a sacrificial act worth modeling.  In honor of Tom Harmon, Michigan’s first Heisman trophy winner, starting quarterback, Devin Gardner, switched to No. 98 after previously wearing No. 7. For those unfamiliar with football, know this: a player’s jersey number is essentially the player’s on-field identity. […]