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When Did You Become A Leader?

Leadership is not a singular event. It is not a position we hold or status we hope to achieve. Leadership is a process – a journey.  Jesus knew the Scriptures better than anyone and constantly referenced them in conversations. He knew the leadership models God gave the Jewish people generations before He walked the earth. […]

Was Jesus a Leader Before He Had Followers?

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” In one of the most recognized Bible verses, Jesus very plainly begins recruiting His disciples. Immediately, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew stop what they are doing and follow Jesus. You may be tempted to think this is when Jesus became […]

Servant Leaders Don’t Stay Down, They Get Back Up

Servant leadership is a complete paradigm shift from worldly leadership. In a fallen world, leadership is motivated by self-preservation and scarcity. Worldly leaders are self-confident, ambitious, and independent. They are empowered by their personality and create their own modus operandi in which they win at the expense of others.  Not so with servant leaders.  Servant leaders […]

The Process of Starting Your Ministry

New York Times best-selling author, Paul J. Meyer, declared, “Your work is your ministry.” I agree with Mr. Meyer to some extent but I believe his declaration doesn’t go far enough. I believe your life is your ministry. Every facet of your life, whether you are at home, work, or play, should be dedicated to […]

Leadership Starts With The Family

The quickest way for an organization to fail is for its leader to have an unstable home. Home life, family life, is the foundation for professional success. How a person conducts himself in private will determine his fate in public. My grandmother once told me, “A man’s character is judged not by what he does […]

Jesus Never Took Personal Responsibility for His Mistakes

… Because He never made any! But as fallible leaders, we will make mistakes and, when we do, we need to take personal responsibility for these mistakes. Owning our errors is the best way to build long-term trust with those we intend to lead. We may experience momentary setbacks, but in the long run, people […]