Personal Branding: Intersection of Art & Science

What qualifies something as art? I believe art can be defined as anything that holds the ability to make the mind and heart wonder. The ability to have duel realities; neither right nor wrong exist in one’s heart. Science, on the other hand, is the nature of a hypothesis proven to be right consistently and without fault. It consists […]

Digital Branding Keynote for DeVry University Portfolio Week

Each semester, DeVry University – Orlando Campus provides their students with an incredible opportunity for professional development. The Career Services Department hosts Portfolio Week that brings in guest speakers to discuss pertinent topics to career development. The week concludes with the spotlight on the participating students showcasing their digital portfolios to industry experts for critique. […]

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Conversation With Jeff Harmon: Career Advice For Young Professionals

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Harmon, owner of Brilliance Within Coaching & Consulting. Jeff shares my passion for cultivating servant leaders and has been equipping business owners and executives for several years. Jeff traveled a unique career path before starting his own practice and was generous enough to provide some advice […]

Jeff Harmon

Reach Personal Branding Interview Series – Audio Replays

I have had the privilege of producing and co-hosting the Reach Personal Branding Interview Series with William Arruda since 2011. Reach invites leading authors to be interviewed about one of their books. Recent guest experts included Dan Pink who talked about his book Drive, Gretchen Rubin with information from The Happiness Project, and Marshall Goldsmith […]

Reach Personal Branding Interview Series with William Arruda and Ryan Mickley

Branding Lessons From Duck Dynasty

Much has been said about Duck Dynasty lately and I contend there is a much deeper reason than what patriarch, Phil Robertson proclaimed to GQ Magazine. The reason there was a 2+ week long mainstream media hullabaloo over Phil’s remarks is because he and his family have strong, authentic personal brands. They know who they […]

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A Content Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

Payment can be made in many ways. Sometimes you pay with your time. Other times you pay with your talent. Most of the time you pay with your treasure. But when exchanging online, you pay with content! That’s right, content is the currency online. –Tweet This! When produced correctly, content embodies your time, talent and […]

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Attributes of Content Marketing

Earlier this week I was attempting to define my life’s work to a few family members. I thought my answer was straight forward; short and simple yet detailed. I proclaimed, “With a foundation of servant leadership principles, I help the American youth unearth their personal brands and share those brands through content marketing.” Quickly realizing […]

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10 Blogs to Learn Content Marketing to Promote Your Personal Brand

The best way to build thought leadership and solidify your personal brand in the minds of your target audience is to implement content marketing strategies. By developing valuable content for your community to consume and pass along to others, you are increasing your findability and authority in your space. The more niche the better! The […]

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When LinkedIn Endorsements Actually Matter

Each morning I check my email and begin haphazardly deleting spam and other erroneous messages from my inbox. This day was no different. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete…WAIT! What did that subject line say?! “William has endorsed you!” from LinkedIn (but dont reply because we are not real people harassing your inbox). Could it be? William Arruda, founder […]

Bing is Superior to Google for Building Your Personal Brand

Lately Bing has issued an all-out assault on Google to increase its market share. Between the Don’t Get Scroogled campaign and the Bing It On campaign, Bing is influencing Internet users to question their blind allegiance to the search industry king. After several TV ads and countless retargeted banner ads, I bit and took the Bing It On Challenge. […]